School Infrastructure Improvement and Management Services (SIIMS)

With the teacher as the core of our education solutions, we have evolved an inside out approach towards implementation of the Right to Education vision of Government of India. Today, we have worked with 25,000 plus government, aided and private schools to impact more than 10 million students, teachers and parents. Our focus is to build/develop/re-model the education infrastructure for improved teaching learning through initiatives in school infrastructure & management, digital infrastructure, academic infrastructure and vocational infrastructure

School Leap

School Leap (Learning Enrichment and Advancement Programme) is a comprehensive solution including a blend of technology infrastructure, teaching learning resources and relevant capacity building initiatives supplemented by Project Management & Monitoring and Evaluation. It is a scalable and sustainable model focusing on access, equity and quality ofeducation for improving Education indicators through holistic quality improvement of schools. The focus is to develop these Schools as model schools, which would be equipped with resources, capacity creation and community linkages so that they can demonstrate outcomes which are a direct output of the school related activities and other outcomes which are linked to the community and indirectly influence education indicators. The measurable outcomes where the school will play a central role is Student and Teacher performance. The objectives of the programme are as under :

  • To enable access to quality education through provision of teaching learning tools
  • To enhance the learning environment
  • To impart digital literacy to students
  • To create capacities among stakeholders for sustainability
  • To improve educational outcomes
    • Improvement in Educational indicators like Enrolment, Drop-out rates
    • Improvement in learning outcomes

School Leap helps your schools strive ahead with our array of services including:

Technology based learning
  • Computer labs
  • Interactive Classrooms
  • Integrated Community Computer
  • Multimedia Content
  • Training of Teachers
Supplementary Teaching

Provision of trained subject
teachers as per requirement

Interactive learning environment
  • Interactive Learning boards for Classes I to VIII in English, Maths, Science, Life Skills
  • Learning Kites in English and Maths
Capacity Building
  • Usage of technology
  • Acitivity based Leading
  • Classroom management
  • Life Skills
Life Skills & Community programmes
  • Life skills programmes; Health & Hygience, Soft skill, Financial literacy etc
  • SMC workshops
  • Enrolment drives
Project Management
  • Baseline & Impact assessment
  • Educational support(Monitoring & Evaluation, Educational inputs etc)
  • Technical support (Content upgrade & Hardware support
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YPP Programme Structure

YPP Programme Structure